The sessions aren’t just consulting sessions — each session is the opportunity to get things done. 


  • 20 minute phone consultation to identify what the client would like to address, and the expected outcomes. This session is also used to compile the information needed for the 1.25 hour session.
  • 10% discount on any URBANE purchase for the day. // 
  • Post-session PDF with resources, notes, and the client’s action items from the session. 

                                                                     THE STYLE SESSION ・$175
This session is designed as an efficient way to assess an individual’s lifestyle + current wardrobe. The end result: strategic direction to identify what pieces are necessary to complete the wardrobe for the season, or to support the demands of your individual lifestyle.

Session items can include (ideas, not requirements):

  • Planning wardrobe options for a special occasion, travel, or an event.
  • Identifying brands, web sites, shopping platforms and stores that cater to an individual’s style and preferred price point.
  • The creation of options that complement items already within the wardrobe, which includes ideas of where to shop, and what to buy.
  • Personal shopping and styling services.

* Note: The session does not require purchasing or including items from URBANE. 

                                                                 THE BRAND SESSION ・$175
Ideal for companies or individuals that are interested in a renovated brand aesthetic, or a review of the brand’s current presence. This session can include assistance with strategy, visual/creative, or written components. 

The client identifies the challenges he/she would like to address, and what he/she would like to complete during the session. 

Session items can include (ideas, not requirements):

  • Social media platform and web site overview and updates: Does the content accurately reflect the way the brand wants to be perceived publicly?
  • Resources and planning to execute the aesthetics for print and/or digital campaigns : Design services, photography, videography, cinematography, photoshoot concepts and execution, etc.
  • Public relations tips and suggestions to effectively create a campaign to promote an event, cause or organization. 


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