Hartzog Consulting LLC is a management firm that offers consulting, branding, and project management services through collaborative planning processes. The firm's core competencies include experience with diverse populations, the integration of logistics planning, event implementation, and creative concept management.



Hartzog Consulting incorporates public relations into the management process, working with media outlets, such as publications, magazines and news sources, to disseminate time-sensitive and relative information. A vital part of the process, involving media representatives and providing them with the most up to date information is necessary to reach consumers and the target demographic. Social media strategy and planning is also a vital part of the plan, reaching directly to consumers and business partners to engage them and to remain relative.

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Quite possibly the foundation of everything that we do, project and process management are the key fundamentals that drive all other capabilities of the company. The ability to tactfully manage a process, ensure that timelines are adhered to, and that deadlines are met, are the principle tools that make Hartzog Consulting successful. We take personal pride in ensuring that we deliver a product or service as agreed, keeping the client informed along the way if we foresee delays or changes. We rely heavily on plans and timelines to guide the process, building in variance and creating milestones to keep projects on task.



We utilize process management to work behind the scenes to successfully organize and coordinate events. The firm has worked with organizations such as Reese's Senior Bowl, Bishop State Community College and the University of South Alabama to create strategic plans and implementation guidelines. The firm has the ability to form the creative concept, build teams, and carry out the vision to ensure that the event is promoted appropriately and planned according to detail.